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Australian Skilled Migration System Bound to Increase Migration

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in Skilled Migration

Australian Skilled Migration System is a points-based immigration system.  If you are a person wishing to migrate to Australia and you are worried that the Australian points-based system is going to be detrimental to your ability to migrate, think again.
The effects of a point based migration system have been extensively discussed in the media lately.  In Britain it was concluded that an “Australian-style” immigration system is not suitable because UK’s aim is to reduce and contain immigration while the official figures show that countries that have a similar points-based immigration system to Australia have experienced an increase in immigration.
Australia chooses migrants on the basis of their ability to pass a points test which in turn is based on what type of job they do, their age, English language skills and previous employment and education. The system was introduced in the late 1980s and focuses on the ability of potential migrants to contribute to the Australian society.  UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed “the Australian migration model” for UK because UK faces a situation where overseas migration is out of control and needs to be contained. She concluded that “Australian-style points based skilled migration system” is only suitable for countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia because of their small population and the need to increase population.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the immigration minister Scott Morrison both emphasise the need to control who enters Australia but their comments largely reflect the despair with failed immigration policies the previous governments where over 50,000 asylum seekers entered Australia illegally and on boats.
They both concur that Australia is a nation of immigrants and that Australia has one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world.  Scott Morris bases his assertions on “the social cohesion survey conducted by the Scanlon Foundation that shows 86 per cent of Australians think multiculturalism has been good for the country while only 35 per cent think the immigration rate is too high.”  He also adds that the Australian immigration system ensures Australia gets migrants able to contribute to the Australian society.  “Immigrants to Australia have, on average, lower unemployment, higher earnings and lower representation in the prison population than the Australian born. At the same time they have a greater weight in the population than almost any other country, representing nearly a quarter of the population, while almost half has at least one immigrant parent.”
Given these reflections, it appears that Australia’s decision makers are overall satisfied with the current immigration policies and that such careful planning including our skilled migration points system are bringing expected results. If you are a person wishing to migrate to Australia via Australian skilled migration system and you are unsure how to achieve your dream click here and contact an expert.
Sources: Independent , Huffington Post , Sky News , The Australian
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